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Runescape 3 – How to Defeat The Draugen

2018-02-23 00:21

The Draugen is a Runescape 3 monster players encounter while working on The Fremennik Trials. He only appears to players if they have acquired the Hunter's Talisman. Players get this item from Sigli. They need to gain his trust and the only way to do this is by defeating The Draugen. The item guides players towards the monster's location. It's worth noting that there isn't a fixed location where the monster appears. He spawns in different locations for each adventurer but he does not leave the Fremennik province. The Draugen's favorite place is the coastline and he is found roaming around the Seer's Village and the Sinclair Mansion. Using the talisman is the only way to find and kill this monster. Players are notified with a message that The Draugen is ready to be engaged in combat. 

The Draugen has 96 combat level and 2,000 HP. He fights using a melee style. It seems that magic is the best way to tackle this encounter. The monster is susceptible to fire spells so players should make use of them to quickly take him down. Any form of magic attack will work against him. If players are thinking about using poison, they should reconsider as this method cannot be used to harm him. This encounter is part of a quest and it's designed for varied combat styles. The Draugen's soul is trapped in the talisman once players manage to defeat him. It would seem there is a connection between The Draugen and the butterflies. He is disguised as a butterfly before players find him using the talisman. Once his soul is imprisoned inside the talisman, he will sometimes show up if players happen to be in the same location as a butterfly. The Draugen can only be fought during the Fremennik quest which requires a premium subscription. After adventurers complete The Fremennik Trials, they have the opportunity to fight against The Draugen once again in a mini-game. 

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Runescape 3 Draugen Runescape Guide