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Runescape 3 – Lumbridge Town Guide

2018-01-26 09:40

One of the most popular Runescape 3 towns, Lumbridge is a popular destination for new and veteran adventurers. There is plenty to see and plenty to do in this town but first players must reach it.  Teleportation methods like the home teleport, Lumbridge teleport, and the portal chamber quickly take players to the city. The canoe system and the teleport tab are also fast ways of reaching it. Lumbridge is a respawn point so dying can also send players here. Because Lumbridge was the first main settlement encountered by new players, it has a number of NPCs that act as guides. There are NPCs that will give general info about the game, about the questing system, and NPCs that are skill tutors. Players can find out more about smithing, cooking, prayer, fishing, and crafting by talking to NPCs all around the town. 

The Lumbridge Castle is one of the main points of attraction. An objective for the Recipe for Disaster quest is found here. New players can train by killing low level creatures in the basement. The Dorgeshuun Mines is accessed from the basement. A bank can be found inside the castle. Players that walk around the castle might find iron daggers, bronze arrows, logs, and several other items that spawn here. Several shops are found in the town of Lumbridge which take Runescape 3 Gold. After players finish a task within the Recipe for Disaster quest, two stores become available in the castle. One of them sells equipment and items and the other one sells food such as grapes and chocolate bars. The general store in Lumbridge has a varied selection of items. Nets, bait, and feathers can be bought from Hank's Fishing Store. At Bob's Brilliant Axes players will find all sorts of battle axes, hatchets, and pickaxes. Equipment can be repaired here. Bob is the starting NPC for the Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks. The Combat Academy and the Thieves Guild are in this town as well. Two farms and a fishing spot allow players to work on their skills. Lumbridge is the starting location for various quests. 

Runescape 3 Gold Lumbridge Town Guide