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Runescape 2007 – How to Complete the Christmas Quest

2018-01-03 12:49

Runescape 2007 is holding a Christmas celebration during which players have access to a special quest and take part in community events. This year's quest involves the disappearance of Santa. He decided to take a vacation and left Dionysius the Wise Old Man in charge. As expected, he cannot handle things alone so players will become Wise Old Man's little helpers. The quest is a chain with multiple stages. 

Players will first head to Draynor and get the starting quest from the Wise Old Man, prepare enough Runescape 2007 Gold before you start . The first assignment is to get the key for Santa's grotto. Players will first speak to Diango, then with the Foreman that gives them the key along with the password. Players may get different passwords. Once players have the key they will speak again with Diango and with Dionysius. The next stage of the quest involves obtaining a uniform. It seems adventurers cannot help Santa until they dress up as one of his assistants so they will go through minor trouble to acquire a snow imp costume. They need to gather some items and speak to an NPC to get the costume. Once players are properly disguised, they can start completing tasks. 

The first task requires catching snow sprites that power up Dolph the reindeer's nose. The next mission is to adjust Santa's suit to your measurements. Players are also required to find Santa's seal and to write a note to Diango concerning the payment for the toys. When players return to Draynor village to give Diango the note, they get another task. They must dress as the bad Santa to end the pixies' strike. After pixies go back to work, players will receive the gifts from the Foreman. Shortly after, players find out from a cut-scene that the Wise Old Man is robbing Santa's gold. Players must now travel to Corsair Cove to inform Santa. A quest is needed to access this area. 

The quest is called Corsair Curse and it's obtained from Captain Tock. Players travel to the cove and tell Santa what is really happening. He will deal with the Wise Old Man himself. The rewards for completing the quest are the snow imp costume and a Santa hat. To play easier in game ,plaers could buy RS 2007 Account online if needed.   

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