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Runescape 2007 - Have You Been to the Pirates' Cove Yet?

2017-12-05 10:56

Runescape 2007 players that are working towards the Lunar Diplomacy quest will visit an island called Pirates' Cove. This small island is in the Lunar Sea. Players should know that they must first unlock the island to be able to travel to it. At one point during the quest, Lokar Searunner, a pirate NPC, will accompany players to the island. There is only one way of getting there, transportation by boat. There are two NPCs that take care of this. One is the very NPC that took players there in the first place. He can be found in Rellekka. Players can use the enchanted lyre to get to Rellekka. The second NPC is called Captain Bentley and he is located on the Lunar Isle. After players complete the Lunar Diplomacy quest and get the Lunar Spell Book as a reward, they can use two certain teleports that will take them to the Lunar Isle. It should be noted that there is no associated teleport with the Pirates' Cove. 

There are two main reasons to visit the island: a pirate ship and moss giants. The pirate ship is called Lady Zay and travels between Relleka, Pirates' Cove, and Lunar Isle. Players will find a cooking range and some materials aboard the ship. The moss giants are level 48 monsters. Most players that set foot on this island, come here to hunt these monsters. The drop list includes weapons, armors, and various items that can be of use. Moss giants fight using melee attacks and are vulnerable to magic attacks. Besides the moss giants, there are a couple of aggressive pirates that roam the island. Three of them carry names: Wilson, Jake, and Palmer. They don't really have any notable loot but they do have a chance of dropping a right eye patch item. These three pirates are level 37. The pirates that are unnamed are level 23. Lady Zay crewmen are not aggressive towards players. 

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