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Runescape 2007 - How to Deal With the Grotesque Guardians

2017-11-06 09:39

Runescape 2007 slayer tasks will at some point give players the mission of defeating gargoyles. An item called brittle key will be received as a drop. This item unlocks access to the Slayer Tower rooftop. This is the place where players will fight against a pair of monsters known as the Grotesque Guardians. There are two of them, Dusk and Dawn. Players need a slayer task for them. Once Runescape players get access to the roof, they must look in the north direction for a cloister bell. When this item is used, a cutscene will begin and the two monsters become active.

The fight has several phases. In the first phase, players will fight against Dawn as Dusk doesn't take any damage. Dawn takes damage only from ranged attacks in this phase. When Dawn is at 50% health, Dusk joins the fight and together they deal an AOE attack. Dawn becomes inactive after this and switches places with Dusk. During this phase, Dusk does an avoidable attack. Players will know it's time to put some distance between them and Dusk when its wings start to glow. Another attack that can be avoided is the debris that falls dealing damage and stunning players. When Dusk gets to 50% HP, Dawn joins the fight for the AOE attack and players get to fight her once again. The important thing in this phase is to absorb the spheres spawned by Dawn. The spheres heal the other gargoyle if they are not absorbed by players. Once Dawn is dead, players will have to take care of Dusk as well. If players get caught in the purple flames, they must get away immediately. 

Granite dust is a guaranteed drop but there are far more interesting items that can be obtained as loot. The pair has a chance of dropping granite gloves, dragon med helm, dragon arrow tips, and the very rare jar of stone. Noon is the pet obtained from these monsters. At last, remember to prepare enough Runescape 2007 gold before you start. 

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