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Runescape 3 - What You Need to Know About Fish Flingers

2017-10-16 10:41

Runescape 3 players that are interested in fishing are invited to try the distraction and diversion called Fish Flingers. The activity can only be played by premium members. It takes place in a special area that is accessed by talking to fisherman NPCs that are usually found hanging around fishing spots. Some of the most popular locations where NPCs are found are the Fishing Guild, the fishing spots near Draynor Village and Lumbridge, Burthorpe, and the Barbarian Village. The NPCs are marked on the map with the distraction and diversion marker. The area where players are transported is called Isla Anglerine. Before accessing it, players get two tickets that are needed for the activity. The tickets are not items that are stored in players' inventory. It's the fisherman NPCs that store them and remember how many tickets a player has obtained. Tickets are also acquired while fishing and from the activity itself. One ticket is spent for one Fish Flingers game. 

The activity lasts for 10 minutes and it's a competition. Players are given different fishing tools and equipment such as baits and tackles. The goal is to use these to catch fish. Players' fishing skill is not relevant, all of them have equal chances. At the end, players get rewards depending on their score. This score is a measurement of players' performance during the contest. Fishing XP is obtained based on the acquired score. Tokens that are used as currency are obtained as well. This is one of the fastest ways to obtain fishing XP so all Runescape 3 fishermen visit Isla Anglerine on regular basis. The fishing outfit is a set that can be bought with tokens obtained as reward. There are four set items that give 5% fishing XP boost when worn at the same time. Five types of tackle boxes are among the rewards as well. Raw fish such as shark, lobster, and swordfish can be bought with Fish Flingers tokens. 

So these are things you need to know about Runescape Fish Flingers. Want to get more game play tips and guide of RS or cheap Runescape 3 Gold? Stay tuned with us please.  

Runescape 3 Gold Fish Flingers Guide