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How to Defeat Hellhounds in Runescape 2007

2017-10-09 10:53

Hellhounds are level 122 demons that are part of various slayer skill assignments. Players also kill them as they have a higher chance than other mobs to drop hard clue scrolls that are used for treasure trials. There are six locations where these monsters can be found. Taverley dungeon is one of the most popular dungeons because, besides hellhounds, it has lots of other monsters and quest objectives. Another good place to kill hellhounds is the Witchaven dungeon. Hellhounds are also found in the God Wars dungeon. Stronghold Slayer Cave is another place that houses this type of monsters. Among the many inhabitants of the Catacombs of Kourend, players will find hellhounds. Those who are brave enough to venture into level 53 Wilderness will find hellhounds when heading towards north east from the Deserted Keep. 

Before engaging hellhounds in combat, players should know a few things. These monsters deal lots of damage but lack defense. They have no weakness. When fighting against hellhounds, players need to pay special attention to their defense attributes and armor. These will help them decrease the received damage. Food to restore HP is of great help as well. Hellhounds fight with melee attacks. Any form of protection against this type of attack should be used. Most players opt for the protect from melee prayer. This is a powerful prayer that makes the caster immune to melee damage at the cost of one prayer point per three seconds. Players that are specialized in the prayer skill opt for the Catacombs of Kourend as their go-to place for hellhound killing. From the Catacombs, they can use teleport to reach the Kandarin Monastery and restore prayer points. They can also bury bones while they are in the Catacombs to regain points. Food and prayer armors are also extremely helpful. Hellhounds always drop bones. Besides hard clue scrolls, the loot list contains looting bags, mysterious emblems, slayer's enchantment, totem related items, and the very rare smoldering stone. 

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