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Runescape 2007 - Have you explored Fossil Island yet?

2017-09-26 13:22

Runescape 2007 members who are regular visitors of the Varrock Museum have surely heard about the unsuccessful expeditions to a place called Fossil Island. The latest game update gives players the chance to set foot on the island and discover lots of new activities. The journey starts at the Varrock Museum. Players will need to finish the Bone Voyage quest, if they haven't done so already, and complete a few other tasks before reaching Fossil Island. 

As soon as players get there, they will realize why the island bears that name. The island has so much research material that Varrock Museum will dedicate it a special wing. As usual, players' assistance is required. Their efforts in uncovering remains of ancient creatures are rewarded with Kudos and XP for crafting and construction skills. Kudos is a Runescape 2007 gold used in the Varrock Museum. Fossil Island is home to living creatures as well, and these will give players some troubles. Different types of Wyverns can only be killed by players who have attained certain slayer skill levels. Should players emerge victorious from the fight, they have the chance to acquire some really rare loot such as weapons and equipment that are not dropped by any other creatures. 

Runescape 2007 players that are interested in leveling up skills on Fossil Island have a number of activities that will help with mining, farming, hunting, herblore, agility, and fishing. The Volcanic Mine is the place where a group of players partakes in an activity that rewards mining XP. Farmers can level up this skill by planting two types of trees. Hunters will find locations to improve their skill as well. Those hunters who are also skilled in crafting will learn how to make bird houses that give better XP. Players skilled in herblore are able to create useful potions from the volcanic ash. An underwater area provides a unique way to level agility, farming, and fishing. Fossil Island is a members only area. Or you can buy Runescape 2007 Account directly to get a leveled account quick and cheap. 

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