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Have You Acquired All Runescape 3 Skilling Pets?

2017-09-19 14:28

Skilling pets are a Runescape 3 feature that was introduced in 2016. These pets are acquired when players train skills that don't involve combat. Each noncombat skill has an associated pet so there are 19 of these pets available at the moment. Skilling pets can be acquired by free and premium members, with the mention that free players can only get pets from free skills. There are no special requirements to unlock this type of pets. Players have a chance of receiving them when they train a certain skill. The pet normally goes in the player's inventory unless it's full. In this case, the pet will be sent to the player's bank. As soon as a player gets a pet, a world announcement lets everyone else know about this. Players can examine other players' skilling pets to find out their masters XP in that particular skill. 

The pet drop is random but the chance is influenced by player's level in that skill. Players with higher level have a higher chance of getting the pet. For each skill, there are a couple of activities during which the pet can drop. Here are a couple of examples. Players will get the Baba Yaga's House construction pet when they put together flatpacks or create furniture at a furniture hotspot. Ramsay, the cooking pet, is obtained when making food or brewing. The complete list of activities that have a chance to drop skilling pet is available on the official Runescape 3 website. 

In April 2017, the Runescape 3 team announced that combat skilling pets will be added to the game. A community contest challenged players to design pets that would be suitable for combat skill. At the moment, the feature is not yet implemented. There are two skilling pets related titles. When players acquire five pets, they receive the Jack of Trade suffix. Players who obtain all 19 pets unlock the Jack of all Trades title. 

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Runescape 3 Gold Skilling Pets Guide