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Runescape 2007 – How to Get Prizes with Treasure Trails

2017-08-31 16:37

Treasure Trails offer Runescape 2007 players an additional way to get rewards. This is a PvE activity for members. To get started with treasure trails, players must first acquire a clue scroll. These items are randomly dropped by mobs. Sometimes clues are obtained from mini-games. Players also have a chance to get a clue scroll when performing activities related to mining, fishing, or woodcutting. There are five types of scrolls. This classification is based on solving difficulty and requirements. The reward depends on the scroll's difficulty. Scrolls with a high difficulty level give better prizes. When the scroll is obtained from killing a monster, the monster's level has an impact on the scroll's difficulty. Players should keep this in mind if they are looking to complete only treasure trails of high difficulty. Another thing to keep in mind is that players cannot have two scrolls of the same difficulty in their bank and inventory at the same time. However, it's possible to have scrolls of different difficulties. 

Each scroll requires players to solve clues. The number of clues depends on the scroll's difficulty. Easy scrolls have between two and four clues. Medium scrolls have at least three clues but no more than five. Hard scrolls have between four and six clues. To finish elite scrolls, players have to solve five to seven clues. The last type of scrolls, master scrolls, have five to eight clues. Scrolls may have additional requirements that also depend on their difficulty. These requirements include completion of certain quests, defeating enemies, and having a certain level in various skills. There is a multitude of rewards that can be earned. From iron trimmed armor obtained from easy trails to exclusive rewards like the samurai armor or the bloodhound pet, there are lots of items to collect. 

Players can check out their progression towards a treasure trail by right clicking the clue scroll. The Observatory Reception Room displays trails statistics for players. These are shown on its eastern wall. The location is found by walking towards south-west when traveling from Ardougne. 

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