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Runescape 3 - What You Need to Know About the Champion's Guild

2017-08-25 13:47

Champion's Guild is one of the Runescape 3 guilds that can be entered by free members. It's a popular location for free players because this is the starting location of the Dragon Slayer quest. It's a free quest that grants players the...

Runescape 2007 – How to Get Prizes with Treasure Trails

2017-08-31 16:37

Treasure Trails offer Runescape 2007 players an additional way to get rewards. This is a PvE activity for members. To get started with treasure trails, players must first acquire a clue scroll. These items are randomly dropped by mobs. Sometimes clues are obtained from mini-games. Players also...

Runescape 3 – How to Win Prizes in Balthazar's Big Raffle

2017-09-11 10:52

The first month of autumn gives Runescape 3 members the chance to get prizes during the Balthazar's Big Raffle event. Only subscription paying players have access to this feature. This is an annual event with simple rules. Players get tickets that grant them the chance to get daily prizes. Each...

Have You Acquired All Runescape 3 Skilling Pets?

2017-09-19 14:28

Skilling pets are a Runescape 3 feature that was introduced in 2016. These pets are acquired when players train skills that don't involve combat. Each noncombat skill has an associated pet so there are 19 of these pets available at the moment. Skilling pets can be acquired by free and premium...

Runescape 2007 - Have you explored Fossil Island yet?

2017-09-26 13:22

Runescape 2007 members who are regular visitors of the Varrock Museum have surely heard about the unsuccessful expeditions to a place called Fossil Island. The latest game update gives players the chance to set foot on the island and discover lots of new activities. The journey starts at the...

How to Defeat Hellhounds in Runescape 2007

2017-10-09 10:53

Hellhounds are level 122 demons that are part of various slayer skill assignments. Players also kill them as they have a higher chance than other mobs to drop hard clue scrolls that are used for treasure trials. There are six locations where these monsters can be found. Taverley dungeon is one of...

Runescape 3 - What You Need to Know About Fish Flingers

2017-10-16 10:41

Runescape 3 players that are interested in fishing are invited to try the distraction and diversion called Fish Flingers. The activity can only be played by premium members. It takes place in a special area that is accessed by talking to fisherman NPCs that are usually found hanging around...

Runescape 2007 - How to Deal With the Grotesque Guardians

2017-11-06 09:39

Runescape 2007 slayer tasks will at some point give players the mission of defeating gargoyles. An item called brittle key will be received as a drop. This item unlocks access to the Slayer Tower rooftop. This is the place where players will fight against a pair of monsters known as the Grotesque...

Runescape 3 – What You Need to Know About Servants

2017-11-15 09:31

Runescape 3 players who own a home have the possibility to get a servant. These NPCs are recruited from the Servant's Guild. This facility is found in East Ardougne and the quickest way to get there is to use the Ardougne teleport. It's worth mentioning that there are some requirements to be met...

Runescape 2007 - Have You Been to the Pirates' Cove Yet?

2017-12-05 10:56

Runescape 2007 players that are working towards the Lunar Diplomacy quest will visit an island called Pirates' Cove. This small island is in the Lunar Sea. Players should know that they must first unlock the island to be able to travel to it. At one point during the quest, Lokar Searunner, a...

Runescape 2007 – How to Complete the Christmas Quest

2018-01-03 12:49

Runescape 2007 is holding a Christmas celebration during which players have access to a special quest and take part in community events. This year's quest involves the disappearance of Santa. He decided to take a vacation and left Dionysius the Wise Old Man in charge. As expected, he cannot...

Runescape 3 – Lumbridge Town Guide

2018-01-26 09:40

One of the most popular Runescape 3 towns, Lumbridge is a popular destination for new and veteran adventurers. There is plenty to see and plenty to do in this town but first players must reach it.  Teleportation methods like the home teleport, Lumbridge teleport, and the portal chamber...

Runescape 3 – How to Defeat The Draugen

2018-02-23 00:21

The Draugen is a Runescape 3 monster players encounter while working on The Fremennik Trials. He only appears to players if they have acquired the Hunter's Talisman. Players get this item from Sigli. They need to gain his trust and the only way to do this is by defeating The Draugen. The item...

PUBG - The Most Important Update 7 Changes

2018-03-21 13:11

Player interaction. Players can now add other PUBG players as their friends. The list supports a maximum of 50 players. Friendship in PUBG is a one-way interaction. This means that you can be on someone's list without them being in yours and the other way around. There is also a search function...

Runescape 3 – Are you up for the Champions' Challenge?

2018-04-17 13:39

Champions' Challenge is Runescape 3 activity available to players that have at least 33 quest points. It's under the distraction and diversion category. The activity requires players to collect scrolls that will allow them to summon champions and to defeat them for rewards. There are 16 champions...